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Policy Briefs

The Need for WTO Reform: Where to Start to in Governing World Trade?
Improving Key Functions of the World Trade Organization: Fostering Open Plurilaterals, Regime Management and Decision-Making
Industrial Subsidies as a Major Policy Response since the Global Financial Crises: Consequences and Remedies
Impact of Digital Technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution on Trade in Services
Trade Implications of Tax Expenditures
How the G20 Can Advance Sustainable and Digital Investment
Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Promotion of Trade and Investment Cooperation
Diversification and the World Trading System
Economic Diversification in the MENA Region
Africa’s Diversification and its Trade Policy Transformation
Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Youth Empowerment for Climate Action
A Cost-Effective Pathway to a Low-Emissions Transportation Future
Financing Energy Efficiency of Buildings: Green Instruments and Policy Guidance
A Carbon Management System of Innovation: Towards a Circular Carbon Economy
Achieving Net-Zero in the G20: A Novel Supply-Side Climate Policy to Value Carbon Sinks
Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change: Towards a Blue Carbon Economy Future
Promoting Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Through UNFCCC and National-Level Policies
Does a Climate-Constrained World Need Nuclear Energy?
Carbon Price Policies and International Competitiveness in G20 Countries
Measurement, Reporting, Verification, and Certification of Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Production and Natural Gas Value Chains
Enhancing Voluntary Collaboration on Cooling Through the G20
G20's Role in Marine Biodiversity - Policy Options and Best Practices for Enhancing Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
COVID-19 Recovery: How the G20 Can Accelerate Sustainable Energy Transitions in the Power Sector by Supporting the Private Sector
A G20 Circular Carbon Economy: Policies and Practices to Foster Circularity in Plastics
The Integration of Climate Action into Economic Development and Stimulus Measures: Policy Options for the G20
Forest and Food Solutions for the Climate Crisis
Managing Global Transport Energy Use and Emissions Through Technology, Policy, and Collaborative Initiatives
A Cost-Effective Low-Carbon Framework to Manage Emissions from Water Desalination
Trade and Climate Change: A Key Agenda for the G20
Coastal Challenges: Mainstreaming Climate Action in the G20 Development Agenda
Displaced Populations Due to Environmental Perils: The Challenge of Climate Migrants for the G20 Community
Targeting Pollution to Improve Health and Mitigate Climate Change: The G20 "Safeguarding the Planet" Agenda - A Call for Action
Addressing Climate-Related Financial Risks and Overcoming Barriers to Scaling-Up Sustainable Investment
Climate Change Induced Migration: Informing Policy on Internal Migration
Instruments And Mechanisms To Mobilize Private Investments In Local Infrastructure
Policy Recommendations: Adaptations For Private Sector-Led infrastructure Development In Africa
Impact Of Sea-Level Rise And Extreme Events On Infrastructure Development In Global Trade And Logistics Supply Chain
Policies And Implementation Guidelines For Data-Driven, Integrated, Risk-Based Planning Of Sustainable Infrastructure
Multilateral Cooperation For Investment Can Mobilize Infrastructure Funds And Link Needs Of Investors, Governments, And People
Achieving Project Financial Certainty Via Financial Risk Analysis For Robust Infrastructure Investment
Harnessing Innovation In Sustainable Infrastructure And Investment
Policies Facilitating Increased Private Investment Financing For High-Impact, Sustainable Infrastructure Projects
An Intelligent Multisided PPP Marketplace To Resolve Chronic Impediments To PPP
Shaping The New Frontiers Of Sustainable (Urban) Infrastructure: Reviewing The Long-Term Value Of Infrastructure Investments And Enabling System Change
Evaluating Resilient Infrastructure Systems
The Wider Economic Impacts Of Transportation Infrastructure
Africa's Infrastructure Finance
Quality Infrastructure Investment In The Face Of The Covid-19 Crisis: Sustainability, Profitability, And Demand Versus Resilience
Bridging The Gaps And Mitigating The Risks: Tackling The Challenges Of Sustainable Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Finance
Defining The Role Of Automated Transportation Infrastructure In Shaping Sociotechnical Systems