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TF7: G20 Support for SDGs and Development Cooperation

TF7: G20 Support for SDGs and Development Cooperation

Since the launch of the United Nations' (U.N.'s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, G20 nations have attempted to implement effective means to enhance the achievability of the goals - with limited success. The scale and challenge of the SDGs has meant that the global community has struggled to implement the work programs that have been set out to achieve them. Therefore, the task force will focus on issues that prioritize an implementation-focused agenda. It also intends to develop policy briefs that will seek to incentivize private sector support for SDGs, recognize the importance of universal health coverage and help support regional development initiatives for sustainable and inclusive growth. Further, the task force will focus on developing implementation and monitoring strategies to ensure the accomplishment of the SDGs along with the additional aim of enhancing development cooperation among member nations.

Taskforce Priorities
  • Enhancing G20 strategies for development cooperation with least developed countries
  • Incentivizing the private sector to support the SDGs
  • Improving the G20's capacity to deliver and monitor the U.N.'s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development demonstrating the need for urgent action
  • Supporting regional development initiatives for sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Improving the G20's support of gender equality and the economic empowerment of women
  • Recognizing the importance of universal health coverage (SDG 3)
  • Making urban areas livable and sustainable for all
List of Forthcoming Policy Briefs
  • Accelerating progress towards universal health coverage
  • G20 collaborative strategy for SDG 4: education for sustainable development
  • Building resilience and enhancing livelihoods of vulnerable populations using digital literacy
  • G20 leadership and relevance of global pilot programme on science, technology and innovation (STI) for SDGs roadmaps
  • Coupling open science and open innovation to address society’s pressing challenges
  • The sustainable development agenda: leveraging the G20 to enhance accountability and financing
  • Dealing with interlinkages - a focussed approach for implementing the SDGs
  • Religious synergies in implementation of G20 initiatives for SDGs and development
  • Incentivizing the private sector to support the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Leveraging Philanthropy towards Achieving the SDGs: Taking a SLOW (Sustainable, Local, Open, and Welcoming) Approach
  • Roots and wings. Comprehensive integrated early childhood policies as enabler of socio-economic sustainability
  • SDR-based SDG Crypto-currency for financing Sustainable Development Goals
Lead Co-Chair
Sami Alsuwailem
Acting Director General, Islamic Research & Training Insititute​
Jitendra Roychoudhury​
Research Fellow, KAPSARC
Contact Coordinator
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
Chief executive، The South African Institute of International Affairs; Co-chair, Think 20 Africa Standing Group
Belay Ejigu Begashaw
Director General, The Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa
Jennifer Guevara
Rising Talent Postdoctoral Fellow, Dublin City University; Associate Researcher, CIPPEC
Dinah Bennett
Global Lead, Enterprise Development, Women’s Economic Imperative Founder, International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

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