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International Financial Architecture

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TF8: Description

This task force will focus on the priorities for policy action on global financial governance, including the cooperation between multinational and regional authorities to manage financial stability in developed and developing countries.

The task force will also discuss encouraging inclusive financial sector development via new instruments, including the role of Islamic finance. It will also examine the governance and regulation of cryptocurrency and fintech, their impacts on the international monetary system, their potential use in money laundering and terror financing, and how these activities can be monitored.

Taskforce Priorities
  • Managing risks and crises in capital flows and international institutions
  • Old and new threats: making financial institutions as modern as the markets
  • Encouraging inclusive financial sector development in developing and emerging economies
  • Governing and regulating cryptocurrency and fintech, and their impacts on the international monetary system
  • Global financial governance, the cooperation between multinational and regional authorities, central bank independence and revisiting the G20's Eminent Persons Group
  • Global financial monitoring of money laundering, terror financing and the efficiency of financial institutions
  • The role of Islamic finance
List of Forthcoming Policy Briefs
  • Filling the gap in the global financial safety net
  • New strategies for monetary policies: a vision paper and the COVID-19 crisis
  • Big tech entering finance: is it the next global challenge for financial stability?
  • Digital money is here. G20 ('s thinking) has to go digital, too
  • Monitoring countries' commitment against illicit financial flows
  • Time to implement a sovereign debt transparency initiative: concept, design and policy actions
  • Assessing the impact of stable-coins on the international monetary system: G20 and the IMF to study the impact of Libra
  • Cyber aware citizenship: holistic cybersecurity literacy in the digital age
  • How can the G20 promote the guidelines for responsible sovereign lending and borrowing?

Lead Co-Chair


​​​Nabil Al Mubarak

CEO of SIMAH Credit Rating Agency



Amal Alrasheed

Assistant Researcher, KFCRIS

Contact Coordinator



José Serrate

Counsellor Member, the Argentine Council for Foreign Relations (CARI); Member of the Argentine Academy of Capital Markets


Eiji Ogawa

Professor of international finance at Department of Economics, Tokyo Keizai University


Franco Bruni

Vice President, Milan’s Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)


Gerard Hartsink

Chairman, GLEIF Board