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Social Cohesion and the State

​ ​​​

Lead Co-Chair


​Suzan Alqurashi

Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior and Public Administration, King Abdulaziz University

Taskforce Coordinator


​Haneen Alsudais​

Research Fellow, KFCRIS

Contact Coordinator

TF4: Description

This task force will discuss innovative policies to deal with multiple forms of inequality, including income, gender and generational divides.

The task force will also discuss methods to measure wealth beyond gross domestic product (GDP), as well as ways to improve the governance, legitimacy and accountability of and trust in state institutions. It will also seek to understand the role of cultural capital and the social inclusion of migrants in creating prosperous societies.

Task Force Priorities
  • Reducing inequality and promoting citizen welfare, including beyond material prosperity
  • Bridging the cross-generational divide
  • Wealth measurements beyond GDP
  • Improving the governance, legitimacy, accountability, and trust in state institutio​ns
  • Fostering social cohesion through innovative policies and programs
  • Support for civil society and women's empowerment
  • The role of cultural capital
  • The social inclusion of migrants