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The Future of Multilateralism and Global Governance

​ ​​​

Lead Co-Chair


Abdulaziz Sager

Chairman, Gulf Research Center

Taskforce Coordinator


​Bruno Schmidt Feuerheerd

Research Fellow, KFCRIS

Contact Coordinator

TF5: Description

This task force will foment a discussion on the future of multilateralism at regional and global levels. It will examine ways to reform existing international organizations so they are better placed to tackle new global issues. The task force will also discuss the future of politics in the age of populism, economic downturns, and innovative strategies for global governance.

Task Force Priorities
  • The future of multilateralism
  • Reforming existing international organizations to take on new global problems
  • The future of politics/democracy under rising populism, and the impact of economic downturns
  • Regional engagement for more effective and efficient global governance
  • Innovative and interactive strategies and programs for global governance