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TF3: Infrastructure Investment and Financing

TF3: Infrastructure Investment and Financing

Public and private investment in infrastructure is needed to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure globally and to reduce the infrastructure gap between advanced and emerging economies. Many countries need better access to basic services and global connectivity needs to be improved. Financing such large-scale projects and promoting climate-resilient and sustainable infrastructure investment remain key challenges.

This task force aims to promote a discussion of the key barriers to and opportunities for improving public and private infrastructure investment. It will identify which public policy changes are necessary to boost infrastructure investment. The task force will also examine the essential role of the private sector in providing long-term finance and consider innovative frameworks that help bridge the infrastructure investment gap within and among countries. It will also identify and evaluate infrastructure needs and opportunities for investment based on their efficiency, sustainability, and economic development.

Taskforce Priorities
  • Innovative frameworks to bridge the infrastructure investment gap
  • Promoting infrastructure investments that are resilient, sustainable and can adjust to climate effects
  • Technology innovation for smart cities
  • Challenges of rapid urbanization
  • Private sector engagement in financing long-term infrastructure projects
  • Governance of infrastructure investments
  • Global standards for sustainable projects
  • Addressing infrastructure bottlenecks in least developed countries
List of Forthcoming Policy Briefs
  • Instruments and mechanisms to mobilize private investments in local infrastructure
  • Adaptations for private sector-led infrastructure development in Africa
  • Impact of sea-level rise on global logistics supply chain & trade
  • Policies & implementing rules for data driven, integrated, risk-based planning for affordable sustainable infrastructure
  • Multilateral cooperation for investment facilitation can mobilise funds for infrastructure and converge the needs of investors, governments and people
  • Achieving project financial certainty via financial risk management for infrastructure investment
  • Harnessing innovation in sustainable infrastructure & investment
  • Financing complementary, sustainable, legacy-impact supported infrastructure investment(s)
  • Intelligent PPP marketplace platform economics
  • Bridging the rural-urban infrastructure gap in a time of rapid urbanization
  • Evaluating resilient infrastructure systems
  • What can we say on the wider economic impacts of transportation infrastructures?
  • G20 rating and guarantee agency for infrastructure bonds
  • Quality infrastructure investment: sustainability, profitability, and demand versus resilience
  • Innovations in revenue and finance models to scale up quality and sustainable infrastructure investment
  • What role infrastructures shall play in the shaping of new sociotechnical systems, while connected and automated transportation become standard?
  • Adapt, legislate, or litigate? Assessing measures to enhance resiliency of critical global infrastructure
  • Strengthening project appraisal for sustainable infrastructure investment
  • Shaping the new frontiers of sustainable urban infrastructure: the need for system change to re-couple growth with sustainability and shared prosperity
  • Africa’s infrastructure finance
  • Innovative financing for sustainable and quality infrastructure
  • Bridging the gaps and mitigating the risks: tackling the challenges of cross-border energy infrastructure finance
Lead Co-Chair
​​Raja Almarzoqi
Faculty Member, Economics Division, Institute of Diplomatic Studies
Mohammad Aldubyan
Research Associate, KAPSARC
Contact Coordinator
Shamshad Akhtar
Former United Nations Under Secretary
John Mathis
President, TCAS Inc. ; Editor, The Journal of Private Equity
Naoyuki Yoshino
Former Dean/CEO, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Chair, T20-Japan 2019
Beatriz Nofal
President, Eco-Axis.; Former Argentina G20 Sherpa
Nicolas Buchoud
President, the Grand Paris Alliance, Global Solutions Fellow