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TF4: Social Cohesion and the State

TF4: Social Cohesion and the State

This task force will discuss innovative policies to deal with multiple forms of inequality, including income, gender and generational divides.

The task force will also discuss methods to measure wealth beyond gross domestic product (GDP), as well as ways to improve the governance, legitimacy and accountability of and trust in state institutions. It will also seek to understand the role of cultural capital and the social inclusion of migrants in creating prosperous societies.

Taskforce Priorities
  • Reducing inequality and promoting citizen welfare, including beyond material prosperity
  • Bridging the cross-generational divide
  • Wealth measurements beyond GDP
  • Improving the governance, legitimacy, accountability, and trust in state institutio​ns
  • Fostering social cohesion through innovative policies and programs
  • Support for civil society and women's empowerment
  • The role of cultural capital
  • The social inclusion of migrants
List of Forthcoming Policy Briefs
  • Tax expenditures and inequality
  • Women in global care chains: the Need to tackle intersecting inequalities in G20 countries
  • Bridging the gender gap in leadership: A strategic approach
  • Promoting trust and social cohesion during pandemics through better governance in diagnostics
  • Recoupling economic and social progress
  • Local to global. upscaling community based early childhood programmes to counter inequality and foster social cohesion
  • Health protection in turbulent times: lessons from the 1990s mortality crisis in post communist countries
  • Towards cultural sensitivity in societal development measures
  • Buliding global citizenship through global basic income
  • “Smart” decentralization: accountability and community development through urban self-governance
Lead Co-Chair
Suzan Alqurashi
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Administration, King Abdulaziz University
Haneen Alsudais
Research Fellow, KFCRIS
Contact Coordinator
Marc Fleurbaey
Professor, Princeton University; Asociate editor of Philosophy and Public Affairs as well as Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Gianluca Grimalda
Senior researcher, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Abla Abdel Latif
Professor of Economics, AUC; Chair of the Presidential Advisory Council for Economic Development

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