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TF1: Trade, Investment, and Growth

TF1: Trade, Investment, and Growth
The world trad​ing system is facing various challenges such as rising protectionism, unequal opportunities to engage in global value chains, and legal systems that are ill-equipped for digital trade and international trade in services. To address these issues, the task force will discuss policies to strengthen the World Trade Organization as a negotiating forum and both restore and reinforce the WTO dispute settlement procedure. The task force will also focus on goods and services trade policies and socially just and environmental-friendly investment policies that mutually benefit developed and developing countries and mitigate the negative effects of globalization in order to achieve sustainable, balanced and inclusive development. Finally, the task force will explore how to establish well-balanced global rules that promote the free flow of data while also ensuring that personal information is protected in the era of digital trade. Through these discussions, the task force aims to foster a common understanding on global issues and provide policy recommendations to G20 officials from a research perspective.

Taskforce Priorities
  • Regional economic diversification in a globalized economy
  • Global trade imbalances and protectionism
  • Attracting sustainable foreign direct investment
  • Connectivity and energy efficiency in trade
  • Trade of services
  • A supportive, open and inclusive trade and investment system
  • Enhancing trade policies and agreements
  • Bilateral vs. multilateral trade
  • Confronting challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Strengthening the WTO as a multilateral forum
  • Free flow of data and digital trade​
List of Policy Briefs
    Lead Co-Chair
    Said Alshaikh
    Riyadh Economic Forum​
    Abdulelah Darandary
    Researcher, KAPSARC
    Contact Coordinator
    Sait Akman
    Center Director, The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey
    Uri Dadush
    Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South
    Peter Draper
    Executive Director, Institute for International Trade
    Anabel Gonzalez
    Nonresident Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

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